About Us

We are the aerodynamics experts. We understand that aerodynamic design is integrated into everyday life – it impacts the speed of your car as you cruise down the highway, the trajectory of your golf ball as it flies down the fairway, and the energy you can capture from a wind turbine. We are inspired to help your team use aerodynamic design and analysis to improve your product performance.

We have experience working with systems across the spectrum – from unmanned aerial vehicles gliding across the sky at a few centimeters per second to a re-entry vehicles descending through the atmosphere at kilometers per second. This range of experience has allowed us to develop a set of computational tools that can flexibly and efficiently analyze your system.  

We recently applied our optimization techniques to designing a driver for the Golf Channel’s Driver vs. Driver design competition. To see us in action, check out the video below:



Kevin Neitzel, PhD

Kevin received his PhD in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan with a focus on computational fluid dynamics and hypersonic flows.  Kevin has worked on aerodynamics projects at Beechcraft, CD-adapco, Ford Motor Company, and NASA Ames Research Center. 




Kyle Hanquist, PhD

Kyle received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Nebraska in 2012. He also received his PhD in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan with a focus on gas dynamics. Kyle’s work experiences includes stints at the United States Senate and NASA Ames Research Center. Visit his personal website here.